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Construction Term Construction Name Ordering parting/Contractor
2017.07~2018.05 Incheon LNG Project hot & cold insulation work kogas / GS Const'
2014.02~2014.12 Tongyoung LNG Project insulation work kogas/ Samsung C&T Corporation
2002.09~2002.11 Incheon LNG facility piping installation DAEWOO Construction
2001.11~2001.11 Incheon LNG machine installation Hyundai Construction
2001.07~2001.08 Incheon LNG piping Hyundai Construction
2001.01~2001.02 Incheon LNG pump installation Hyundai Construction
2000.07~2000.08 Incheon LNG piping installation Hyundai Construction
2000.07~2000.08 Incheon LNG gondola reinforcement Hyundai Construction
2000.04~2000.05 Incheon LNG pump and piping installation Hyundai Construction
2000.03~2000.04 Incheon LNG tank water test Hyundai Construction
2000.01~2000.02 Incheon LNG insulation warehouse installation Hyundai Construction
1999.03~1999.04 Incheon LNG site weighing place and wheel-washing installation Hyundai Construction
1998.10~1999.01 Incheon LNG building piping and insulation Hyundai Construction
1998.08~1998.10 Incheon LNG building facility Hyundai Construction