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Construction Term Construction Name Ordering parting/Contractor
2017.07~2017.11 Hyuundai Oilbank HDO Revamping Project insulation work Hyundai Oilbank
2017.05~2017.08 HOC PJT BOILER PKG DUCT Mechanical equipment insulation work Hyundai Oilbank /Petro Chemical
2017.01~2017.03 Lotte Cnemical LPEL Tank Project insulation work Lotte Const'/ E-TEC Const'
2016.10~2017.04 Lettering & Line Marking work SKEC / SKEC
2016.04~2017.01 MX PROJECT EPC insulation work Hyundai Oilbank /HDEC
2016.01~2017.02 Lotte Cnemical IP Project insulation work Lotte Chemical /Lotte Const'
2015.12~2016.03 GE4 PROJECT SEAGULL PROJECT Boiler insulation installation work Lotte Const' /E-TEC Const'
2015.11~2015.11 Condensate Storage Day Tank M.P.C daasan power
2015.04~2015.08 Hyunday cosmo daesan BTX revamping insulation work Hyunday cosmo/Samsung C&T
2015.01~2015.07 STC SM#1 Modernization Project insulation work Samsung-Total/Samsung C&T
2014.10~2014.10 Implement Waterproof Work At The Ceiling Of Relay Room M.P.C daasan power
2014.10~2015.03 Lotte Wine & Beer Factory insulation work Lotte Beer/Lotte Const'
2014.10~2016.06 Dangjin Power Plant (PKG-10) Project insulation work (1,040MW) KEPCO/Kyungnam Const'
2014.09~2015.05 EQUIPMENT AND PIPING INSULATION WORK KPXgreen chemical/E-TEC Const'
2014.06~2014-09 Lotte Wine & Beer Factory B revamping insulation work Lotte Beer /Lotte Const'
2014.04~2014.04 Replace 1 Set Of Damaged Main Steam MOV For #2 HRGS M.P.C daasan power
2014.04~2014.04 Replace 10 Point Of Lower HDR Drain Lines For #2 HRGS M.P.C daasan power
2014.01~ Hyundai Oilbank M/T insulation Hyundai Oilbank
2013.10~2013.11 Over-bridge painting SEE Tec
2013.09~2014.01 5208 FB painting LOTTE Chemical
2013.08~2013.12 STC A2 Project Heater insulation Samsung TOTAL/PCK
2013.07~2014.07 Ncc Compressor Area piping insulation Samsung TOTAL
2013.07~2014.06 Mew PX Project SK Innovation/SK Construction
2013.06~2014.09 No2 Aromatic Project piping insulation Samsung TOTAL/Engineering
2013.06~2014.07 V Project IBL insulation Area 1 SK Innovation/SK Construction
2013.06~2013.12 Jetty Pipe rack painting Samsung TOTAL
2013.06~2013.10 C Project insulation KPX Green Chemical
2013.03~2014.09 No.2 Aromatic Project Dress-up insulation Samsung TOTAL/Engineering
2013.03~2013.12 FB801D Styrene Monomer insulation Samsung TOTAL
2012.12~2013.01 FB832C Styrene Monomer insulation Samsung TOTAL
2012.11~2013.07 HBO IBL insulation SK Innovation/SK Construction
2012.07~2012.12 LG Chemical heater expansion insulation LG Chemical
2012.07~2012.08 Honam Chemical G Project Honam Petro-chemical/LOTTE
2012.02~2012.10 HPC heater expansion insulation Honam Petro-chemical
2012.02~2012.10 CPC2 65000 MTY Project insulation CHEIL Industry/Samsung Engineering
2012.02~2012.08 STC Mogas Project insulation Samsung TOTAL/Metz
2011.12~2012.05 GInsulation in GE Project (GE area) Honam Petro-chemical/LOTTE
2011.09~2012.11 PX 700Kta Expansion project insulation Samsung TOTAL/ENC
2011.09~2012.04 H Project insulation (CDW) SK Innovation/SK Construction
2011.08~2012.05 Insulation in GE Project (DMMA Offsite) Honam Petro-chemical/LOTTE
2011.08~2012.02 SBPA Project insulation Samyang Innchem
2011.07~2011.09 GD2 Project insulation KPX Green Chemical
2011.04~2012.02 HPC P2 Project insulation Honam Petro-chemical/Hyundai Engineering
2011.04~2011.06 SM DC2201C insulation Samsung TOTAL
2011.03~2011.06 NCC DA406 & DA407 outer anti-corrosion Samsung TOTAL
2011.03~2011.04 A229C insulation deconstruction/insulation Honam Petro-chemical
2011.02~2011.03 BTX MODIFICATION ISBL insulation/painting Honam Petro-chemical
2011.03~2011.10 Honam Chemical HPEO Project insulation Honam Petro-chemical
2011.02~2011.04 SM-R-2 Project insulation Honam Petro-chemical
2010.12~2011.02 N-4 P3 facility insulation OCI Materials
2010.10~2011.03 Resin expansion insulation/painting Samsung TOTAL
2010.10~2010.12 UT/OS/TLS insulation Samsung TOTAL
2010.08~2011.06 Yeosu KPX FineChemical TDI insulation Daewoo Engineering
2010.07~2010.12 NCC DA414/415 outer anti-corrosion insulation Samsung TOTAL
2010.06~2011.06 STC BTX Revamp Project still frame/piping/insulation painting Samsung TOTAL/Hyunwoo Co., Ltd.
2010.04~2011.02 Hyundai Oilbank HDO HMU GHT insulation Hyundai Oilbank
2010.04~2010.07 NCC DA201 outer anti-corrosion insulation Samsung TOTAL
2010.04~2010.05 SM DA2203M insulation material replacement Samsung TOTAL
2009.10~2010.07 LPG Project insulation Samsung TOTAL
2009.07~2010.06 A-1 Project insulation/painting Samsung TOTAL
2009.07~2009.08 300E insulation (cold) replacement LG Chemical
2009.05~2009.07 NCC factory load-reduction facility insulation LG Chemical
2009.03~ Samsung TOTAL insulation maintenance price contract Samsung TOTAL
2009.03~ Honam Petro-chemical insulation/painting maintenance price contract Honam Petro-chemical
2009.02~2009.04 Ulsan KP Chemical OS tank insulation KP Chemical/LOTTE Construction
2008.08~2009.04 MMA D-Project Gr2 insulation Daesan MA/Hyundai Engineering
2008.01~2008.06 LPC SM Revamp Project insulation LOTTE Chemical/Construction
2008.01~2008.06 LPC OS 2nd insulation/painting LOTTE Chemical/Construction
2008.01~2008.06 LPC ASU COLD BOX FILLING LOTTE Chemical/Construction
2008.01~2008.04 LOTTE Daesan Petro-chemical TBA insulation Samsung Engineering
2007.12~2008.06 NCC Field painting LOTTE Chemical/GS Construction
2007.12~2008.06 STC OCU Project painting Samsung TOTAL
2007.12~2008.02 LPC ASU Project painting LOTTE Chemical/Construction
2007.08~2007.12 GSC GDC Project Green Soft Cam
2007.07~2007.09 LP ETHYLENT, NCC insulation LOTTE Daesan Petro-chemical
2007.02~2007.06 LOTTE Daesan Petro-chemical SM, EG T/A insulation LOTTE Daesan Petro-chemical
2007.02~2007.04 BOC GASES hydrogen factory insulation BOC GASES
2007.01~2007.04 LG Chemical Daesan factory BRU waste-heat retrieve insulation LG Chemical
2007.01~2007.04 NCC COLD repair Samsung TOTAL
2006.12~2007.12 LG Chemical Daesan factory WWT insulation LG Chemical
2006.12~2007.10 Samsung TOTAL PP2 expansion insulation Samsung TOTAL/Engineering
2006.12~2007.07 Samsung TOTAL BA112 insulation Samsung TOTAL
2006.09~2007.09 Samsung TOTAL P2 Project painting Samsung TOTAL/Engineering
2006.09~2006.12 LOTTE Daesan Petro-chemical OS expansion insulation LOTTE Daesan Petro-chemical
2006.08~2006.10 LG Chemical Daesan factory network expansion insulation LG Chemical
2006.07~2006.08 LG Chemical Daesan factory SBR expansion insulation LG Chemical
2006.06~2006.07 Green Soft Cam Daesan factory insulation repair Green Soft Cam
2006.05~2006.06 LG Chemical Daesan factory LDPE expansion insulation LG Chemical
2006.04~2006.12 LG Chemical Daesan factory Storage tank insulation LG Chemical
2006.04~2006.05 KPX Chemical Daesan factory expansion insulation Green Soft Cam
2006.04~2006.05 Samsung TOTAL SM water-purifying insulation Samsung TOTAL
2006.04~2006.05 LOTTE Daesan Petro-chemical repair contract LOTTE Daesan Petro-chemical
2006.04~2006.05 LOTTE Daesan Petro-chemical capitalization LOTTE Daesan Petro-chemical
2005.12~2005.12 Hyundai Oilbank Foam tank insulation Hyundai Oilbank
2005.11~2006.05 Samsung TOTAL NCC corrosion painting/insulation Samsung TOTAL
2005.09~2005.10 LOTTE Daesan Petro-chemical UPSTREAM Capital insulation LOTTE Daesan Petro-chemical
2005.09~2005.10 LOTTE Daesan Petro-chemical T/A insulation LOTTE Daesan Petro-chemical
2005.09~2005.10 LOTTE Chemical/Construction Downstream capital insulation LOTTE Chemical/Construction
2005.08~2005.11 LG Chemical FURNACE TUBE replacement/ insulation LG Chemical/DAESHIN Construction
2005.08~2005.09 Hyundai Oilbank H2 Pipeline painting Hyundai Oilbank/Daeshin Corp.
2005.05~2005.11 Hyundai Oilbank C.F.P expansion insulation Hyundai Oilbank/Daeshin Corp.
2005.05~2005.06 LOTTE Daesan Petro-chemical factory repair price contract LOTTE Daesan Petro-chemical
2005.01~2005.02 LG Chemical Daesan factory T/A insulation
LG Chemical Daesan factory VCM insulation
LG Chemical
LG Chemical
2004.10~2004.11 Hyundai Oilbank insulation Hyundai Oilbank
2004.10~2004.11 BOS GASES Winter insulation BOS GASES KOREA
2004.10~2004.10 LG Chemical Daesan factory T/A insulation LG Chemical
2004.08~2004.09 Hyundai Oilbank T/A insulation Hyundai Oilbank
2004.06~2004.07 Hyundai Oilbank expansion U/G piping Hyundai Oilbank/Hyundai Construction
2004.06~2004.07 Hyundai Oilbank expansion (building piping) Hyundai Oilbank/Hyundai Construction
2004.06~2004.06 Samsung Petro-chemical expansion insulation METS
2004.04~2004.06 BOS GASES Oxygen factory insulation BOS GASES KOREA
2004.05~2004.06 BOS GASES SCABLETRAY fire proofing BOS GASES KOREA
2004.03~2004.04 BOS GASES Substation f/proofing BOS GASES KOREA
2004.01~2004.03 Hyundai Oilbank insulation repair Hyundai Oilbank
2004.01~2004.01 Samsung ATOPINA price contract insulation Samsung ATOPINA
2003.10~2003.12 Samsung Petro-chemical HEXANE factory insulation Samsung Petro-chemical
2003.05~2003.07 Hyundai Oilbank HCR #2 CDU Vessel insulation Samsung Petro-chemical
2003.05~2003.07 Hyundai Oilbank HCR #2 CDU Vessel insulation Hyundai Oilbank/Daeshin Corp.
2003.04~2003.06 Samsung GC NCC Cold insulation Samsung GC
2003.01~2003.12 Samsung GC price contract insulation Samsung GC
2002.09~2003.12 Samsung GC #11 Heater expansion insulation Samsung GC
2002.05~2002.06 Samsung GC PAREX regular repair Samsung GC
2002.04~2002.05 Samsung GC EO/EG regular repair Samsung GC
2002.01~2002.12 Samsung GC price contract insulation Samsung GC
2001.11~2001.12 Samsung GC Winter insulation Samsung GC
2001.10~2001.11 Samsung GC Winter insulation Samsung GC
2001.08~2001.09 Samsung GC SM#1 Repair Samsung GC
2001.07~2001.08 Samsung GC NCC Facility insulation Samsung GC
2001.06~2001.07 Samsung GC HDPE Regular repair insulation Samsung GC
2001.06~2001.07 Samsung GC CO-GEN Regular repair insulation Samsung GC
2001.05~2001.06 Samsung GC EO/EG Regular repair insulation Samsung GC
2001.04~2001.05 Samsung GC SM#2 Regular repair insulation Samsung GC
2001.03~2001.05 Hyundai Petro-chemical Furnace repair Hyundai Petro-chemical
2000.10~2000.11 Samsung SGC factory Winter repair insulation Samsung GC
2000.09~2000.12 CDIP Euijeongbu Vehicles repair new building facility LG Construction/Ministry of National Defense
1999.03~1999.04 U-1 Take-Over Base insulation Daeho Construction
1999.01~1999.04 U-1 Take-Over Fire fighting facility insulation Daeho Construction
1998.09~1998.10 Samsung Electronics Cheonan factory equipment insulation Paradise